17 May

Lama – Innocent Bystander








Like any music genre there is good and bad stuff under the banner electronica, glitchtronica etc, and even IDM. And while some music in this genre can struggle to stand out, perhaps due to the equipment employed (although this charge can also be levelled at many guitar bands), I guess it is down to the people working the equipment. As always there are tracks that stand out and stick with you over time. This track by Lama is one of them – this morning I was wondering what to post up but then this came on and it was pretty much all over.

I got my hands on this track back in 2007 and I still play it regularly. At the time, I remember trying to find out more about the people behind it and failing miserably. Lama is made up of Nils Martin Larsen (he did a short stint in Jaga Jazzist) and as far as I can tell (for this track) Goran Obad. I hadn’t really come across much else until I had a look again today and found a few bits on his myspace pages (under his own name and Lama). Well worth checking out as there is some nice stuff on there. There is a clip of them performing this on Youtube which is well worth checking out.

It’s a beautiful track. It’s got that double time glitch action at its core but what makes this stand out are the elements they add as the track builds. The main addition is the simple, but beautiful slide guitar that Larsen plays, that comes in pretty much from the off. It just adds a warmth that takes over the electronic elements just enough. As the track progresses the backward track comes to the fore, a deep harmonic vocal starts to surface more and more and the beats get a bit more aggressive, building the track to a final drop. It really is phenomenal stuff, simple in its structure but the layers of sound offer real depth. You can maybe pick it up for free on some old blogs or Amazon does offer it as well.


Playlist Thursday 17th May 2012

Just me driving in today, so on went shuffle and up went the volume. As mentioned on Tuesday, I haven’t changed my music for a while so wasn’t sure what may come on that I would want to post about. It opened up with ‘East Harlem’ by Beirut and took left and right musical turns via Deloran, Efterklang past the excellent hip hop track, ‘Grown Up’ by Danny Brown. The beauty of Lama was smashed by the driving tech disco of Turing Machine’s ‘Slave to the Algorithm’ (like Lindstrom & Prins Thomas in overdrive and almost the track of choice today). The indie class of Oberhofer preceded the mutated rave dubstep of Sepalcure who I am sure I will post about at some point.

 Playlist: Beirut – East Harlem, Postprior – Titbar, Delorean – It’s All Ours, Efterklang – Him Poe Poe, Danny Brown – Grown Up, Vetiver – Faint Praise, Lama – Innocent Bystander, Turning Machine – Slave To The Algorithm, Oberhofer – Heart, Sepalcure – Don’t Cry

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