14 Mar

Lagartijeando – Antofagasta de la Sierra (El Buho’s Nocturnal Remix)

So it's been a while and that goes for both posting and checking out new music. But at the weekend I spent quite a bit of time going through some new stuff and came across this absolute beauty which I have then blasted out over the last two days as I cruised to work.


I have to be honest, this is the first time I have come across Lagartijeando's work and this track is on the excellent wonderwheel recordings. It is, I believe, Argentinian Mathias Zundel. This track is from an ep and I have gone for the El Buho Nocturnal Remix. The original is an absolutely sensational track in its own right,  A beautiful folk based track with hints of electronics running through it. The remix, smartly, sticks close to the original but ups the tempo and puts an underlying beat that helps project it a long. I really, really, really love this track.



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