10 Sep

La Fleur – Longevity

Anyone who follows this blog even on a casual basis will know I've got a genuine love of tracky loopy music. I just love music that can lock you into a groove and then work it for a whole track without losing you. It a difficult skill to pull of but when it's done properly it's the best kind of dance music.


Longevity is one of those tracks, just a locked groove that builds over 6 minutes of pounding excited drums as layer upon layer is added and then tweaked via effects, drum switches and gentle movement of the arpeggiated synth lines. It keeps a fairly basic tech-house groove constantly mutating, ebbing and flowing and when necessary kicking into overdrive in ways that will make you lose it on the dancefloor.


The melodic nature of the track makes it more than just a floor filler, perfect for late night couch sessions it's a wonderful track for just chilling on your own.





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