04 Dec

KRTS – Convict the Butchers

I've been in a mood for Electronica this week, a new release on Cut records and I also picked up the remarkable Close Eyes to Exit LP (above) from KRTS, which is where today’s choice (below) Convict the Butchers comes from.


KRTS is a Brooklyn based beatsmith, responsible for the absolutely superb Foreigner EP on Berlin based Project: Mooncircle (back in 2013 I think). He's back again on the same label with as solid an album as i've heard this year.


Now there are obvious comparisons in the music, Flying Lotus, Lorn and the Low End Theory collective all spring to mind, and yeah it's there but KRTS music really stands out on it's own. It feels more natural, and melancholic (and we LOVE melancholy) and no where more so than on Convict the Butchers.


I guess it has sound tracky elements, and sure the cello is on of them but it's a lot more than that. The opening cello and the way the gentle beat builds underneath during the opening stanza is sublime, it's cyclic but not repetitive, and the track drifts nicely in a way that never overpowers you, but does suck you into it's warmth.


Anyway, it's a lovely track and is available via the Project: Mooncircle Bandcamp.



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