28 Mar

KRS One -Step into a World (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)





I had it all worked out today I had no playlist as I’d traveled in to work with my 19 month old boy. So I was taking a freebie and it was going to be a blinder of a track. Prefuse 73 – Storm Returns. Then I got home and a friend, Sasqwax, had started a discussion on facebook about the DJ Shame Remix of Tim Dogs – Bronx Niggas track.

If you don't know DJ Shame is one part of the Vinyl Reanimators production team, and all through the 90's they were releasing bootleg remixes of classic hip hop tracks.

Now I don't mind a bit of Tim Dog, there is a lot of swearing and it's almost 100% gangsta rap but his tracks are funny and raw and while a one trick pony they have a much respected place in hearts of most people who were into 90's Hip Hop. The DJ Shame remix is amazing but in talking about the Reanimators I knew straight away there was only one thing I was going to blog tonight and that was their insanely good remix of KRS Ones legendary Step into a World (Raptures Delight).

It's the measure of a good remix team when they can take a legendary track and make it even better, and while I'm sure some will argue the original is best, this for me is the definitive version. I always liked the original, but this? Well when Fourbearsjr originally played me it I literally lost my mind.

I've used it a lot when DJ'ing, and it never fails to get a reaction, most people know the original track and when the unmistakable intro comes in people think they know what's coming, then it switches up and goes off on one.

They strip the track back to it's base elements, a heavy boom bap drum beat with a simple sampled hook and a huge 808 bass on the 1st kick. It's simple but my god it works.

So check it out and repeat after me " YES YES Y'ALL, YA DON'T STOP………."


Also whilst I'm at it check out this amazing library of their work: http://www.thevinylreanimators.blogspot.co.uk/

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