20 Apr

Kris Menace – A Song for You





I really don’t know how I sat on this EP for so long. It’s been on my player for ages now and every time I’ve meant to blog about it something else has come up. Oddly though, most of those things have rotated off whilst this has remained a constant in my playlist.

The Let the Music Guide You EP is billed as Kris Menace presents Stars on 33, but make no mistakes it’s five tracks of unadulterated Disco tinged house. It’s the kind of stuff that although dripping in cheese doesn’t actually sound cheesy (If that makes sense).

The five tracks are: Keep on Dancing, LUV, This is Love, Something You can Feel and A song for You.

All the tracks are incredibly strong and singling ne out is very difficult but for me if pushed it has to be A song for you. It reminds me a lot of Metro Areas – Caught Up (and anyone who knows me knows how much I love that track) and this is right up there, slightly more DJ friendly and a bit more to the point than “Caught up” but a fantastic mood enhancing track nonetheless.

A truly beautiful track.

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