29 Aug

Kon – Awe Baby (Medlar Remix)

It's been wonderfully hot this past weekend, like 37° hot, and clear and dry and basically wonderful, so I've been chilling out around the pool with some pretty mellow tunes over the last few days, top pick of which is the wonderfully brilliant Medlar remix of Kon's "Awe Baby" on BBE.


If you've heard the original from Kon's 2013 LP "On my Way" the remix will be familiar but different enough it worth while. Taking the bulk of the Nu-Soul original and reworking it into a mesmerising Chic-esq deep disco bumper, it's faster, less vocals and a bit smoother with a driving beat over it it's perfect for a dance floor or pool lounging or Bank Holiday BBQ. 


The keys and guitar lick push the track along interspersed with filtered and chopped piano chords and well that's pretty much it – it's the kind of track you'd have found on a Hed Kandi comp about 8 years ago, but don't let that put you off it's a wonderful piece of summery deep house.


It's on the Kon & the Gang LP, and available in double vinyl (Soundcloud link above) if that does it for you, I picked it up on Bandcamp purely for convenience, but either way we like it and we like it a lot. Grab it!



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