02 Apr

Kodak To Graph – Los Angeles

A day off today so I get to pick a freebie, but I’m going to pick another new track that we’ve kindly been sent and that I have been playing a lot on my way to work. It’s a real beauty that has been getting a fair bit of coverage..

Los Angeles by Kodak To Graph.

Kodak To Graph is Michael Maleki, a producer from Pensacola, Florida who now resides in Los Angeles and today’s track of the same name comes from an album he has released, ISA, that you can download for free (see the link below).

It’s really lovely stuff and today’s track is a great example. Is a beautiful blend of house, beats and hip hop. Throwing in bits of cutting and vocal snippets he finds the perfect ground between chopping it up and keeping the groove going. It really is fantastic stuff. Make sure you pick this and the album up for free at KodakToGraph.com

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