29 Sep ko-wreck tech

Ko-Wreck Technique – Metro Dade (Plaid Mix)

Listening to fourbears daisuke tanabe selection last week got me thinking about all the amazing Electronica I have in my collection and over the weekend I ended up compiling a little playlist designed around revisiting these tracks – so I warn you now you may get a few more like this over the next few days. 

Anyway when I left for work this morning I obviously dialed into said playlist and just as I made it to Paris on came today’s choice:

Ko-Wreck Technique – Metro Dade (Plaid Mix)

Ko-Wreck Technique were a side project for Aristh Delgado and Edgar Farinas, also known as DJ Craze and Push Button Objects. The original is just a vehicle for Crazes insane scratching skills, the track is actually pretty good, especially when they start messing up the Method Man bit, but for me this EP was always about the Plaid remix.

Plaid should really need no introduction at all, so I'm going to talk about why I love this track. I first heard it at a night I used to DJ at in London. It was a quiet evening and the DJ's pretty much ended up playing for themselves, when suddenly a mate dropped the Plaid remix and I think pretty much every DJ walked over to the booth to check out what it was.

The thing I really like about this track is how insanely melodic it is, but that you can still hear the original in there. The Audio 2 drums and so on…. and it just keeps going, melody after melody, layer after layer never standing still never getting boring, it's just wonderful piece of music from the de-tuned synths to the low resonating bass it all just sits so well together then when the FM bells and plucked leads come in…. just wow!

Standing in the rain waiting for the crowds to get through the barriers listening to this – i can tell you i was in absolutely no rush.

i'm actually surprised i haven't blogged this before it's such a favourite of mine, but checking back it seems i haven't so, Enjoy,

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