25 Oct

This Is The Kit – Hotter Colder

Tonights track has been all over BBC 6 music for weeks now and relentlessly on my car stereo…and for good reason. It is absolutely, off the scale stunning. In fact, the first time i heard it, it came on my internet radio in the kitchen and i thought to myself, hello, what is this. At exactly the same moment my wife asked what it was. Its the sort of track that creates that impact.


This Is The Kit is primarily Kate Stables from the UK and I have to admit this is the first time i have come across her work even though she appears to have been releasing stuff for a good 9 years or longer. Hotter Colder is from her latest album Moonshine Freeze which is absolutely fantastic. But my goodness this track is something special.


Its like Joan as Police Woman meets Badly Drawn Boy circa Once Around The Block. It is an absolutely perfect blend of Indie Rock, Jazz, Folk and African guitar licks. If i had all night i dont think i could fully explain how amazing this track is….plus the aforementioned is topped off with Stables superb lyrics and vocals. From the opening guitar riff you are just hooked then it builds and builds, layers and layers. Tonight, for the first time, i listened to it on headphones and noticed all these really odd backing vocals and tracks that float in and out. Superb. There is some absolutely sensational playing on this track but the bit that really kills is as at about 2.50 when the track drops out and comes crashing back in with some amazing Saxophone, jazz soloing. My friend once told me that there are not tracks made better by a Saxophone being it. Well the search has ended. Stunning Stunning Stunning.




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