15 Dec

The Kinks – Father Christmas

As i've said many times, I love Christmas, so every year I try to put up a Christmas Song. So here goes for this year..and its a track I have to say has only been in my Christmas playlist for a couple of years. But I think its ace.


So im sure you have all heard of the Kinks, so not much to be said there. And this is a typical Kinks track, catchy, pretty rock tastic, and some clever quotable lyrics…in fact it opens with "When I was small i believed in Santa Clause, though I knew it was my Dad".. I love the way that it starts with a lovely Christmas refrain with sleigh bells and chiming piano only to be met with an absolutely kick arse guitar riff. Its a perfect track for your Christmas party when you have had a few and are at that moment where you are throwing out some overly zealous kicks cos you have had a few , you love Christmas and everyone and never want to go home. That's not me at all….honest.


Merry Christmas my friends.



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