20 Dec

King Roc – Welcome To Zion

First up, apologies for the tardiness of late – I've (literally) spent the last two weeks on planes or in places with sod all wifi (at least wifi capable of staying on long enough for me to post), so massive thanks to Fourbears for covering when he had better things to do. The New Year should see things settle down somewhat and a return to more regular postings.


Anyway, this week i'm again on the move so I'm posting this first thing in the morning rather than late at night, and as such I'm going to post a throwback, classic track which has long been one of my favourites within the Tech-House genre: King Roc – Welcome to Zion.


It's not a genre I venture into that often but when I do it's normally because of tracks like this. Dubbbed out, effect heavy (tape deeeeeelaaaaayyyyyyy) throw back chords and slow mutating filters. All are clear and present and the track starts out minimal and then gradually builds slowly, throbbing along on the kick, the melodic analog flourishes counter everything with before a stomach churning bass led breakdown and super melodic switch in energy and sound.


As techy house goes it feels slower than you'd normally expect, a lazy funky beat undercutting everything which is exactly how I like it. 


It came out way back in 2006 on Berlins Simple Records, a good few years before Martin Dawsons sad passing, but it still stands up (and kicks the arse off) most other tracks in that genre.




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