31 Jan

Kindness – Gee Up







So I got up early the other morning with my son and did the usual ritual of make some breakfast, put BBC’s 6 music on and have a dance round the kitchen. Normally, the stuff played at that time of the morning is ok (i.e. not the usual stuff you get on the radio but nothing too far out there). However, on this occasion, I am mildly taken a back as Gee Up by Kindness comes on…hmmmm

I originally heard this track in 2009 via (the indispensable) rcrdlbl.com and then picked up the ‘Swinging Party’ single which had Gee Up on the B side (Swinging Party is an excellent cover of the Replacements track). I have kept an eye out for other stuff but only ever came across a few bits including the rather surreal but splendid video you can find on youtube for Gee Up.

I (insert swear word) love this track. At 1 minute 44 seconds, once I have put it on, I repeat it about 5 times so it becomes a kind of shoddy 8 minute disco/funk edit in my head. A while back I made a mix where I took it and chopped it/looped it so it lasted about 10 minutes – I assume that Kindess would have hated that, as I am sure it was made at 1.44 for a reason. But it is too good not to. Even though it is short I think I could write about this track for hours – it is just an awesome piece of messed up DIY alternative disco, type of thing (not the best description, I know). If someone told me it was based on a sample then I would believe them, but as far as I am aware it is original and to be honest, who cares. Bernard would be proud of the base line and Nile wouldn’t be too upset with the guitar, but the double tracked vocals and production add a necessary edge and the abruptness of the track lets you know this is not standard stuff.

I know very little about Kindness other than a few bits I found on line. rcrdlbl advise that he is from the UK but operates between here and Germany, was brought to Moshi Moshi’s (who released it)  attention via  a mixtape by the Concrete’s Lisa Milberg and that it was recorded in a Berlin apartment. They know far more than me so won’t argue. And I certainly won’t argue with the track…“yup, get down”, what a beauty.

For the record, if you haven’t visited rcrdlbl.com then make sure you do – a truly brilliant source of new music.


Playlist Tuesday 31st January 2012

My commute today was a long one as I had to head from the north of England to London. Early train journey that did not start well as I thought I was on the 7am train only to find it was the 7.34. I have lost count of the times I have done this, plus, today was not a good day to do it as it was freezing. But the train was quiet; I listened to some music, wrote the Kindess part of this piece and caught up on some sleep. I listened to tacks from my work laptop and as I haven’t updated stuff on it for some time, went back to some older bits. As well as Kindness I listened to the brilliant No Kids album ‘Come Into My House’ – as I mentioned in the Headless Horseman post, I like alternative stuff that utilises R&B elements but messes with them (hot chip are a good touch point for this band) – really worth checking out. Followed that with Bitte Orca by The Dirty Projectors (a proper modern classic..honest). As I headed cross town on the tube I went to shuffle which threw up a nice mix of styles and amazingly, a perfect track as I approached work, ‘Oh Shit’ by The Pharcyde – what are the odds.

Playlist: Come Into My House (album) – No Kids, Bitte Orca (album) – The Dirty Projectors, Land Of The Bloody Unknown – The Middle East, Blue Spotted Tail – Fleet Foxes, Up – Dim Dim, Malerina – Shugo Tokumaru, Lockjaw – Spectrals, Go With You – Toro Y Moi, Cannibal Rays – Throw Me The Statue, Kalama – Damien Jurado, Savage Night At The Opera – Destroyer, Yuh Nuh See – Sepalcure, Oh Shit – The Pharcyde.

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