22 May

Kindness – Doigsong






One of the first tracks I posted up on this blog was ‘Gee Up’ by Kindness. At the time, as it was a pretty old and lesser known track, I was surprised to have heard it on BBC 6 music. Shortly after I found out why I had – Kindness’ first album was about to be released.

I picked the album up a month or so a go and have been giving it quite a few listens. It carries a heavy 80’s influence throughout which I think may be too much for some people, particularly on tracks like ‘That’s Alright’ and almost certainly on the cover version of ‘Anyone Can Fall In Love’ the Anita Dobson, version of the Eastenders theme tune with lyrics. Saying that, I think the point of it is more about its statement than the actual track itself (but I could be wrong). But most of the album stays on the right side of post disco, soul boy action including a chopped up, updated version of ‘Gee Up’ and a surperb slower track, ‘House’. The track I have gone for is the last one on the album ‘Doigsong’. Like ‘Gee Up’ it has got a superb disco bass line driving it along with chic like chopping guitar and a vocal that is just off centre enough to keep it interesting. But it really comes together towards the end, as the elongated break down makes way for an absolutely storming, funk guitar riff. From there it just heads on home. So if you listen, make sure you hang about for the end. A great album, well worth checking out.

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Playlist Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Just me into work today and the luxury of the car at my disposal, so I could select what ever tickled my fancy. I didn’t fancy shuffle today, plus I had been meaning to check out the Kindness album again, so on it went. It fit the journey perfectly and the last guitar licks of ‘Doigsong’ faded out as I parked up.

Playlist: Kindness – World You Need A Change Of Mind (album)


  1. Bowley says:

    Enjoying a bit of kindness. Also, I love it when a track just magically suits the mood of the morning – and ends perfectly when the joirney stops. Somehow you know it’s gonna be a good day. It was such gorgeous weather this morning – clear, crisp and sunny, and I had the music on shuffle, which is a bit of a risk usually. Honky-Tonk woman by the stones worked well, then after a while I had ‘Ride with me’ by the Vines. Underrated in my view, and great for a traffic jam.

    Also – may I say, it’s so difficult writing about music. You guys do it effortlessly. I tried on my blog – must try harder.

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