28 May

Kerrier District – Illogan

Things have been absolutely manic over the last couple of weeks and the erratic nature of posts to this blog illustrates that. And thats why i wanted to stick something up no matter how quick.

To be honest, my brain is so fried and our catalouging of posts so poor that i can't be a 100% that i haven't posted this track before. But its amazing so who cares if i have.

Illogan by Kerrier District.

Kerrier District is an alias of the tremendous Luke Vibert, his homage to the mutant, electronic disco house of the likes of Metro Area. I have the album and ep he released under this title and they are both immense. Todays track is from the first album and i came across it today as i was driving to work listening to some old live mixes of mine. This came on and that was that for tonights post.

The track is a mad, electronic, disco house stormer. That is truly all i need to say. Check it out, it will blow your socks off when the groove kicks in at 1.36.


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