05 Feb

Kenny Hawkes – Ashleys War (Version 1)

It's a manic week, and time is in short supply, so i'm going to be quick. This is a tune that's literally been on my minidisc walkman, mp3 player, phone for nearly 20 years – 20 years? incredible. It is the magnificent:

Kenny Hawkes – Ashleys War (Version 1)

Now this is probably about as deep as it gets, and long before the whole halftime Dub Step/Bass Music wave this was tearing up dance floors in a halftime style. It's essentially a 120bpm house track a dub bass line and stabs halftimed over the time. Add in a stunning array of delays, reverbs, gunshots and other sound effects and it's one of the definitive dub house workouts

I first heard it at Fridays R Firin, at the original Plastic People, with Fourbearsjr and we both loved it straight from the off, it was very different to everything else that was being played at the time but people took to it straight away and it's been rightly deemed a classic ever since.

Kenny sadly left us a couple of years ago but he left a legacy of beautiful, stunning challenging house music, of which this is my favourite. I was pretty tired this morning, and needed to chill on my trek into work, this was the first track on my playlist, and rescued my mood immediately

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