16 Dec

Kenny Dope Boiler Room NYC DJ Set

Ok, i admit it, it's a bit of a lazy post today, but the whole point of this blog is that it reflects what we listen to on our way to work and today i listened to this Boiler Room set by Kenny Dope from last March.

As everyone know Kenny is one half of the legendary Masters at Work. Now obviously while MAW are well known for their amazing house productions Kenny Dope has long been a named DJ on the Hip Hop and Funk and Soul scene, and that's what i love about this set, it's pure classic Hip Hop, from the 80's through the 90's – in some ways it's similar to his brilliant BBE Hip Hop forever.

Even more impressive he does it all on vinyl, and i think exclusively on 7 inches. The track list is a whose who of Hip Hop greats, so i'm not even going to bother trying to list them, but rest assured there is shit loads of boom & bap.

anyway, it's awesome… there is a Video as always with Boiler Room, but also a podcast is linked above the video, enjoy:


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