20 Sep

Keita Sano – Jewels

I've been a  big fan of Keep Up! records for a few years now, they are one of a breed of young labels that comfortably stand astride multiple genres whilst consistently delivering quality music. Born from a wodnerfully eclectic club night they've dipped their toes into Bass Music, Broken Beat, Disco & Deep House and Hip Hop. Which is quite a range of material yet it's a label that continually inspires me, plus it's run by a cracking bunch of blokes.

So it was nice when the lads fired me a copy of their newest EP from Japanese Beat Smith Keita Sano, and it's from this EP I selected todays track:

Keita Sano – Jewels

Straight off the bat i have to say, it was an extremely difficult choice as the whole EP is fantastic, but I'm lumping for Jewels as i think it's the most accessible track. It's straight up instrumental Hip Hop, think Pete Rock style Mellow chops and Onra source material. It's soulful and it still bumps, and there isn't much to say past that, as it's a genre that's been done a million times before, but not always this wonderfully.

The rest of the EP heads a bit more down the processed bass route, in a similar mode to the stuff you'd find from artists like Mux Mool, Fly Lo or Lorn and all in all it's nice to hear a strong EP that can cover so many bases, jazz, broken beat, straight up boom bap and 80's 8 bit madness – some nice little flourishes of tablism in there as well.

All in all another great EP from the guys. You can grab it on itunes and the likes but if you do buy it i'd recommend you grab it from their Bandcamp page

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