24 Nov

Kauf – Regrowth LP

So regular readers will know we've long been fans of Kauf and his melancholic melodic emotion-laden brand of Electonica and finally we have an album and surprise surprise it's quite wonderful.


Regrowth as an LP is that rare thing in modern music a cohesive journey. In a time where, I'd say, 99% of albums feel pieced together after the fact an album like this where it's clearly been curated to fill out the details of a journey, be it lyrically or musically, really stands out from the pack.


There are lots of styles on the album, with the tempo never quite getting too fast despite the pace of the tracks increasing. It's not a dance floor album, but there are dance-oriented tracks on there without ever really veering into full-on club territory. At its best, it reminds me of Woolfy and the Projections and Super Duper Francais band Pheonix.


Granted some tracks we've featured before but now as part of the larger concept of the album they've taken on a new meaning and feeling, breathing new life into familiar territory.


Stand out tracks? Can I say all of them? No? ok, then “Pacify” is a great introduction to the LP, “Let it Slide” brings swells of energy just when the album is heading into deep dark territory and possibly my favourite Kauf “Track through the Yard” closes out the album in analog arp energy.


If we did scores this would be getting an 8/10. 


Anyway, it came out a few weeks ago, but due to being very ill and Fourbearsjr getting spanked at work this has had to sit on the shelf for a bit. In some ways that's a good thing as all the time i've been listening to it it sinks deep and deeper into my concious.


Grab it, now! (Also, have to mention the stunning baile remix of Limestone is worth grabbing at the some time!)


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