21 Nov

Kauf – Pacify

I always feel like I start any post about Kauf with "we're big fans around here" but it's a truth that Kaufs music has never failed to disappoint us. Emotive, melodic, dark and light in equal measures. Sometimes an artist just resonates with you and I think i speak for both myself and Fourbearsjr in saying, uhm, we're big fans of Kauf around these parts. 🙂


So it was not without much glee that I logged in to find a new track from Monsieur Kauf – Pacify.


I guess the mark of a good artists is being able to move onward, develop new interesting sounds without ever losing their own identity, and Pacify is as perfect an example of this as you’ll find. It's much heavier than previous Kauf tracks, with a far more slow-mo dancey to the feel to it, with a dragging drum beat that pulls the arpeggiated bassline and the wobbly brass pads along with it. It also feels like there is a much more prominent element element of bass here than before. In fact it reeeeeally reminds me of Alphabetical era Phoenix , and that is very much a  good thing, I think it's the dreamy slightly strained voice and the multilayerd harmonised chorus that does it. Either way it's a wonderful piece of melodic and soulful indy dance. I could make unwarranted comparisons all day, but the simple fact is Kaufs (highly personal) songwriting and production stands firmly out on it's own, and deserves far more attention than it currently gets.


It's always a good day at The Walk to Work HQ when we get new music from Kauf, it's even better when we get wind their is a full album (regrowth) on the way.


It's out now via Kaufs bandcamp page, if you like i suggest you support:


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