22 Sep

Kauf – Limestone

I think I speak for both Fourbearsjr and myself in stressing how important emotion is in the music we enjoy.


I understand that emotion is a very difficult quality to pinpoint in words with any subtleness. Love, Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Pain! All great words that convey an emotional point and leave no real room for interpretation. But when you move away from the written medium emotion becomes much harder to explain. Yet it's something that really great artists can bend and manipulate to suit their need. That ability to communicate on an almost visceral level is something that can truly elevate a song from being good to exceptional.


One of the best at exploring the depth emotion can bring to their music is Kauf, an artist we've featured a few times on the blog and I'm chuffed to be able to feature again by way of the wonderfully dark and sinister Limestone.


Sinister may be an odd word to use when describing music, the image it conveys is of someone up to no good but in the context of Kaufs music, I use it in reference to an artist on the dark edge of heartbreak. That openness and ability to expose the innermost turmoil of the heart is something that has always sucked me in with Kauf's music right from the off. It's also what's kept me continually coming back to his music again and again. Limestone continues that dialogue, using the space of the stripped back instrumentation to share a sense of loss and anguish that Kauf then fills with a beautiful vocal performance.


It's been interesting to see how Kauf's vocals have changed over the last couple of years, from sitting way back down in the mix behind some complex instrumentation and production they've slowly drifted to the front of the production becoming the real focal point in the track. His vocals were always strong but here they pop right out. When I first got Limestone through I made a comment to Kauf that his voice has become another instrument (and in some parts that re-sampled vocal means it truly does) acting as a lead instrument in the same way a guitar or keyboard would.


It's a truly fantastic piece of music that stands up to repeated listens which bodes well for the LP – yep he's got an LP coming as well. Something I've said previously about Kauf is that I really wished he'd do an album and finally he has, Limestone is the first track (outside of the previous EP's) to be taken from his new LP Regrowth – it's out 13th October and you can pre-order it on bandcamp link below. 




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