30 Sep

Kauf – Key to Life

There are some tracks that just define moments for you, and lately life has been moving pretty fast. As such I'm glad it's the weekend and I can enjoy the last few days of summer. Sat on the terrace, listening to beautiful summery music.


On my playlist for the last few days and perfect for these moments is the latest track Key to Life from a favourite of ours Kauf. 


As I've said we've featured Kauf's work a couple of times now and there is a really unique sound developing here, a laid back mellow kind of funk permeates through out his work, maybe it's the low slung punky bass, or the shuffling drums but while there is an undebatable air of melancholia and emotion present in Kauf's work, I find his music highly uplifting and "Key to life" fits that perfectly. Sure there are recognisable elements in Kauf's music, New Wave is clearly a big influence, but much like contemporaries such as Woolfy disco is certainly a front and center source of inspiration.


 A long sustained bass sound drives the track, along with Kauf's dreamy reverb laden ethereal vocals that somehow drifts to the top, strangely punching through, whilst still maintaining an air of ghostliness about it but it's the strange amount of energy in the track that really lights it up, key changes switches up bringing a lovely sense of urgency about the track.


Anyway, "Key to Life" came out today and it's another track that as soon as I hear it I fell in love with it.


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