26 Oct

Kauf – Key To Life (Ambassadeurs Remix)

We've been running the walktotwork for about 4 years now (I think) and whilst we know we're not a huge website we like to think we contribute a little. Being not huge allows us to really just go with what our hearts tell is and pick music that we genuinely love, sometimes that throws a curve ball into the selection (but hey, who doesn't have their own guilty pleasures?) but that also affords us the time and space to make decisions about the music we choose and when we feature it. It's one of the things I really love about doing this blog, that space allows us the chance to build a genuine connection with an artists music.


Case in point is Kauf, both Fourbearsjr and I absolutely love his material, we've actually argued over who's turn it was to feature it (as the older brother I pulled rank this time) and I get to feature the Ambassadeurs remix of Key to Life. Now I've featured Key to Life before, about a month ago if my memory serves me well, and it's quite rare for us to feature a track twice, even when it's remixed, but the Ambassadeurs take on KTL is so good it had to get it's own feature.


In reality it doesn't stray far from the original, taking elements of the orginals edgy groove raising them in the mix and building it into the the focal point of the track, with a heavier 4/4 drum beat that lends itself more to the dancefloor/dj scene than the more emotive alt-electronica of the original the track steps outside of it's origins to become a krautrock late night/early morning driver. 


Kauf’s dreamy reverb laden vocals are still clear(er) and present and the feel of the track remains as soulful and personal as the original.


All in all, a great take on a blog favourite, and also free to grab!


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