20 Jun

Kauf – A Ruin

This weekend was mainly spent packing our home up ahead of the moves coming in. The result of which was as the TV disappeared I was free to play music too my hearts content. I've got a pretty big music collection but it never ceases to amaze me how you can get fixated on one track for a prolonged period of time, and over the weekend my wife and son must have been sick of hearing A Ruin by Kauf.


A Ruin is a wonderful slice of nu-wave tinged pop, a slow build that keeps you waiting makes way to a wonderful emotive dreamy vocal from Ronald Kaufman. In many ways it reminds of groups like Arcade fire, Woolfy and Beniot & Sergio and their ability to blend the 80's-esque synths and melodies with a more indie style vocal.


The track came out a couple of weeks ago, around the same time we featured Through the Yard, and is free for download on Bandcamp (be quick it's only the first month). here is also a remix by Quebec producer Blue Hawaii which i very nearly featured, but as good as i is the original is the one for me.



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