23 Apr

Kathy Diamond – All Woman





Man, I love this track. It is absolutely spot on raw disco soul.

Taken from her 2006 album “Miss diamond to you” it was the second track in a matter of weeks that I’d heard produced by Maurice Fulton that absolutely blew my mind in regards to the Nu-Disco/Disco Revival, and the second track by Diamond in a similar time span that I completely fell in love with (the other being the 2003 track Sunshine).

In a time when a lot of Dance music feels like you’re being leathered in the face with a hammer, it’s really nice to hear a track have some movement and life in it, there are dynamics and Fulton really shows how it’s done. There are an incredible amount of subtle touches in this track, from the tight bass playing to the drifting handclaps and uber processed drums (the beat could have been straight off the thriller album) every element stands out yet gels so well. It’s an absolute master class in production techniques and engineering. All the while Diamonds soulful vocals sit on top and compliment Fultons production perfectly and the song structure just further enhances this with a catchy chorus backed up with a similarly strong verse, the nice thing is there are low points in there to let the track breath before it all kicks back in.

And whilst both have a catalog of astounding tracks I don’t think there is a point in their combined discographies where they delivered so outstanding a track again, for me at least, and there have been some seriously big tracks. Fultons remix of Simian Mobile Disco, Diamonds “Whispers” with Aeroplane and “Love will save the day” with Kaine, but for me this is the track where they bring it all home.



Playlist Monday 23rd April 2012

Woke early this morning to the first day back at work after an all too brief break, and I decidied to try and catch up with some new music.

I started the journey with the incredible 80’s soul boy house of Pitchben – Stand Up and like most people I bought the track on the basis of the tiger & woods remix, only to find the original is off the hook. Followed that up with the deep sounds of Voices of Black – Have you to Myself and then copped a quick listen to the tropical sounds of NSFW – Coconut. Something was nagging m though and I dialed in the huge disco funk of Kathy diamonds All Woman, which like the pitch ben track got a couple of rewinds before I finished my journey with the fantastic, Isaac Hayes sampling, “on & on” off the same Kathy diamond album.

Not a bad start to the week at all.

Playlist: Pitchben – Stand Up (original version), Voices of Black – Have you to Myself, NSFW – Coconut, Kathy Diamond – All woman, Kathy Diamond – On & On

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