14 Sep

Kate Lomas – Tipsy

We originally got sent "Lets just Be" a few weeks ago, but within the EP was another track, the aforementioned Tipsy which really captured my attention but for some reason got put on a playlist but never featured, but it came up today on my playlist and i was reminded of how good the track was.


The track is a lovely slice of urban-electronica with Lomas singing in a highly emotive and natural UK R'n'B tinge style, it feels relaxed and lazy and counters the deep soulful electronic production perfectly. In many ways that I can't quite put my finger on it reminds me very much of Soul II Soul in it's stripped back but melodic sound, and the way it switches between modern UK Dance and Soul.


It works really well, and the track builds steadily over the course of it's three minutes until it switches up around the 2:30 minute with the introduction of a swinging but snappy beat that just moves the track up a level of some substance.


We get sent a lot of music, and i genuinely mean a lot. getting the balance between what we always set out to do as a blog, which was feature music we listened to on our commute, and trying to feature new music we get sent, and new music we find, that's kind of why the selection we post over the course of the week can be some random.


So I always find it kind of nice when i realise I've sat on something we've been sent and then it's come about as a track I've simply enjoyed. In ways it kind of just validates the point that we just want o feature music we really enjoy no matter where it comes form which brings us back around to Kate Lomas track Tipsy.





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