10 Nov

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Bizarre choice today, and a freebie, in that as i was leaving work I had a conversation with a friend who was off to see the Klaxons. the conversation started there ended on 808 state and the Chemical Brothers, which got me skipping through various things on youtube on my way home.

808 State lead to A man called Adam, which lead to Electribe 101, which lead to Utah Saints which lead to me remembering I had "The hounds of love" on my Nexus and I ended up listening to that the whole way home and thus selecting todays choice:

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

I realise it's not really the type of track we'd normally feature but the blog has always been about the music we listen to on our commute and I defy anyone who's serious about music to challenge this track as anything other than one of the all time greats – the vocals the strings, the rhythm, the tribal chanting… just everything about it is stunning.

Then there are the lyrics.

It's hard to talk about this song without the incredible background story of Willem Reich but we just don't have enough time or space to cover it all, in crux it's the story of Reich and his sons experiments Cloudbusting interspersed with Reichs arrest by the FBI and Peters feeling of abandonment.

"On top of the world, looking over the edge, you could see them coming. You looked too small in their big black car, to be a threat to the men in power"

Amazing and it is a song that is a complete master piece in melancholy, both up lifiting and very sad in very equal amounts, if you can read the lyrics and I promise it will forever be a difficult song to listen to without feeling very emotional. 

That's about it, the rest you should know, so enjoy, or cry – or do both. 🙂

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