23 Mar Satori

Kalima – Tuti feat. Satori

I had a day off today, and took it as an opportunity to catch up with a lot of music that i've been sat on. So something that jumped out at me as I mooched around with music in the back ground was the Satori EP on Under Your Skin Records.

Not going to lie, I was sent a promo of this and had been woefully lazy in getting around to really giving it a chance. It’s poor form, but we get sent a lot of music and sometimes things need a few listens and time to really get them and the Satori album is one of them.

Toeing the line between glitch laden Electronica and smoked out Deep House the album is a really complete listen.

One of the things i really like about the production is the fact so many genres have been made to sit together without jarring against each other and the balance between head turning tracks and the ones that have to slowly suck you in is perfect. Heavy hip hop style (The greatest against the world) and beautiful vocal deep house, "pink & orange sky" is about as soulful a house track as you'll hear in the current music environment and was very nearly my choice.

I guess the album just sounds (and i hate this word) organic, but it is. It's so natural and the guitar and keys cut through so well that it's hard not to imagine this performed by a live band (which i'd love to see).

Anyway, my choice of track to feature is the wonderful glitch funk of:

Kalima – Tuti feat. Satori

A disjointed vocal and piano sit perfectly over a pounding drum track that whilst heavy never overrides the mix. Amazing, and enjoy.

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