16 May

KAL – Kaltones Mix #2





Regular followers will know that sometimes I take the easy option and recommend a DJ set or Mix, and today is one of those days.

Late last year a small two track EP came out from the impressive Kobra Audio Labs project on Dumb Hero Records. I say EP but it was in fact a cracking little package on a C50 mixtape with equally interesting packing but even more interesting music. Two huge vast and sprawlingly complex pieces of music that have caused quite a stir within the beat-centric instrumental hip hop scene.

The release was strictly limited and if you bought the physical product you also got a CDR of the two tracks, and  an unofficial mixtape from Mark Scanlan the man behind KAL. The mixtape was a collection of music Mark had been enjoying during the process of putting together the Two Blue Towers project and is a lovely listen. Sadly and much to my regret I didn't pick it up at the time but thankfully you can buy the last few over at KAL's bandcamp page. 

The tracklisting for the mixtape is a veritable who's who, and rather large, but  I'll leave it there as it's certainly one of those occasion when the proof is in listening to it, but if you're a fan of alt hip hop beats ala Anticon, Ninjatune, Bully and the likes then both the mixtape and KAL's output is for you.

It's an incredibly easy listen, and with the music used it could so easily have been a very difficult listen, and it's a testament to KAL's talent that it's one of the most refreshing mixtapes I've heard in a long time. It came back to my attention and my player due to a friend posting it on facebook the other day, and it's been locked in the player for a few days without me getting the chance to properly sit and listen to it, which thankfully i did today.


Playlist Wednesday 16th May 2012

There are days when you just can't get any momentum and today was one of those days, up with the larks and puffy eyed and barely able to think from lack of sleep I opted to let someone else do the selecting for me.

I squeezed my way past the other commuters to grab that empty window seat I dialled my Player into the excellent Two Blue towers mixtape from Kobra Audio Labs and let it play from start to end, and as the sun started to break through and the fields passed by i closed my eyes and soaked it in.

Great music in a great mix.

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