30 Nov

Junk Son – Over (Ross from Friends Remix)

I've featured Ross from Friends before, there is just something about that f*cked up overly compressed and EQ'd sound that makes me think of desperately hunting around for a cassette before my favourite track comes on the radio. It's a quite unique sound and in this day and age that's quite a rare thing.


In Over you that sound is cranked up to the Nth degree, taking the lovely soulful electronica of Junk Son and mutating it into a thumping slice of basement rocking Sega Megadrive crunchiness. The Vocal drifts in and out and the sound is dirty, tape saturation is cranked up to 11, but the groove is relentless, the driving loops and heavy over driven drums smash through, grab your attention and drag it kicking and screaming along with it.


And that's about it, it's simple yet effective and one of my favourite remixes in recent years.


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