24 Sep

José González – Crosses (Moritz Guhling’s Beschützer Remix)

Remixes can take many different forms in this day and age. For example you've got the throw the baby out with the bath water and start from scratch guys, guys who will stick the acapella over a new beat and in this day of re-edits you've got guys who take the simplest of ideas and hooks and run with it, and the latter is what we're looking at today.

José González – Crosses (Moritz Guhling's Beschützer Remix)

Now I'll be honest here I'm not a huge fan of José González, I find it all a bit Apple store for my liking and missing any real edge, but in Guhlings remix he's taken a track i found pleasant at best and by re-editing it and adding a swinging house beat has turned it into an absolute monster.

I totally get that it will be a love it or hate it moment as José González work is so well know and so well liked, but the way the track builds is what does it for me. The drums switch at the right time, and the toms are used to swing the bassline and add a simple counter melody perfect to the tracks main hook.

I found the track after a friend posted it on facebook, and i don't think it's signed or getting a release but it should. It was available to download for free, but i think it's hit the 100 mark limit now, so you may have to wait a bit but hopefully it will be back up to grab soon.

Past that i know absolutely nothing about Guhling, flipping through his other tracks there is a bit of a familar feel, but this is by far his stand out for me.


Playlist Monday 24 September 2012

So my life has returned to some form of normality after the craziest few weeks at work in a long time, so for once not being tired and/or ill i settled down on the train with nothing more than my mp3 player and my thoughts for company.

I started out by listening to Ornette Crazier remix by Phonique, which is a nice little vocal deep house shuffler that really draws me in everytime. I followed that up with José González – Crosses (Moritz Guhling's Beschützer Remix) which i've spoken about above. as the rain lashed the trains windows I let shuffle do it's thing and listened to the Egokind edit of Julia Stone – This love, next up was Waterdrums by Ghostscope (the Lewie Day remix), and from there I listened to the Stone Breaker EP by Mark E (all of it). As i hopped off the train i revisited a few tracks i liked from the journey and then caught the wigged out acid disco of Lindstrom – De Javu as i approached the impending dark gloom of the office.

Playlist: Ornette – Crazier (Phonique remix), José González – Crosses (Moritz Guhling's Beschützer Remix), Julia Stone – This love (Egokind), Ghostscope – Waterdrums (Lewie Day), Mark E – Stonebreaker EP, Lindstrom – De Javu.

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