30 Oct

Joris Voorn – Ringo

In case you hadn’t noticed i’ve not been around for a couple of weeks, a difficult house move and lack of internet has limited my opportunities to contribute so I have to thank FourbearsJr for holding the fort so ably with some great selections.

So to today’s choice? As i’ve had little internet access for the best part of a month now i decided to catch up on some new releases and grab things that had been on my to buy list, and making the most of my eMusic subscription i picked up some lovely stuff that i’ll more than likely feature over the next week or so… loading up my Nexus this morning was interesting, as i realised i had’t changed the music in a long time, so it was really refreshing to run through the new tracks. Maya Jane Coles, Paul Woolfords Special Request LP, the new Melbourne Deepcast EP and then i hit the track I’m going to choose:

Joris Voorn – Ringo

It’s a tough one to describe as it doesn’t really sit in any definable genre. Voorns regular output is, for me, the trackier end of the deep house/Tech house scene. Melodic, but punchy and club friendly. Ringo on the other hand is melodic, could sit any one of a number of genres from tech house, to deep house to big room house or Ibiza sun laced beach house.

The main crux of the track is a looped Hammond Organ style riff, that is tweaked subtly as the track goes on, there are layers drifting up and down and a light Skippy drum beat keeps things feeling energetic and never repetitive. Guitars are layered in and reverbed filter sweeps on the various layers bring a nice little hint of space.

The track is very dreamy and really reminds me of the kind of house that was floating around back in the 90's before everything got so separated into the current genres, melodic jazzy and tracky house that you could hear alongside disco, techno and goa style trance… anyway, the crux of it is it’s a lovely track, with a somewhat simple yet beautiful video (i have no idea what the correlation is with the track but it works very well)

The track has been around a while, it was floating around as an un-titled track for a year and got an official release in september this year. The video and soundcloud edits are a bit short though so do track it down as the long version is really nice. The flip is a rework for the club kids, but it’s definitely the original that does it for me.

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