13 Jan

Jonquil – Parasol






Unlike Aapie (who had a day off today, which I clearly didn’t have as I am writing this), I live in the North of England, just outside Leeds. My commute into Leeds by train, thankfully, today wasn’t too crowded, but, it was cold and dark. Scarf and hat on, and not too awake, I wanted something that would ease me into the day. This track ‘Parasol’ by Jonquil fit the bill perfectly.

It’s from their 2008 ‘Whistle Low’ EP which I only came across a little while ago and really love. Championed by the likes of Foals and Hailing from Oxford, it would be quite easy to dismiss their stuff under the classic indie pop/alternative category, but for me, it has this kind of English charm meets subtle international dabbles that makes me love it more. Indeed, when I first heard them the name Vampire Weekend popped to mind, but, the more I listen the more they seem to drift from that comparison. Their use of, rhythms, timings and harmonies (particularly on this EP) gives their stuff an extra something to others you would put in this category.

For me, ‘Parasol’ really stands out on this EP and I keep coming back to it. It is such a warm, beautiful, melodic, track that builds and builds and, with your headphones on, kind of envelopes you in this musical ready brek glow (try it and see).


Playlist Thursday 12th January

So, as I woke up more, so did the music – Moving from tracks off the really underrated Destroyer album ‘Kaputt’ from last year, through a bit of deep house, to the classic stormer that is ‘Hummingbird’ by Born Ruffians. Was virtually throwing out high kicks as I approached work and the later came on….well, maybe just a little strut. Special mention must also go to the Family of the Year track ‘St Croix’ with the classic line, ”you bring the ocean, I’ll bring the motion, together well make a love potion”…nice and don’t mind if I do.

Playlist: Jonquil – Parasol, Destroyer – Chinatown, Destroyer – Blue Eyes, Rustie – Hover Traps, Salvatore Freda – Luv Can’t Hurt (original and Nebraska 79 mix),  Family of the Year – St Croix, Family of the Year – Living on Love, Family of the Year – 6 AM, Family of the Year – Chugjug, The Middle East – Jesus Came to my Birthday Party, The Middle East – Land of the Bloody Unknown, Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow & Blue, Born Ruffians – Barnacle Goose, Born Ruffians – Hummingbird.

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