19 Mar

John Talabot – Destiny feat Pional




You can use all the big words in the world to describe a track but at the end of the day it’s either good or bad.

So I was apprehensive when I picked up the John Talabot album ‘fiN’ as reading through all the press had brought up clever metaphors and categories like shadowy, Tropical Disco, Indie Dance, Shoe gaze and a bunch of other things that mean absolutely sod all in the big scheme of things.

Like most people into house I’ve been following Talabot's output on Permanent Vacation and Young Turks for a couple of years. While I enjoyed his work and bought a lot of it, it was never classic music for me. On this occasion though the lad has played a blinder and delivered a really great and varied album that while house, is also indie and electronic without being specific to those genres.

The album is really driven by his ability to write songs, and “Destiny” is a great example of this – it's certainly the most accessible track on the LP, and dare i say it has the elements mentioned above, the "Tropical" sounds of steel drums, the Indie Dance bass line, the shoe gaze vocals and a thumping dance beat. But the thing I really like about this, and is what I feel really sets it apart, is Talabot’s awareness of song structure, and because of that I think there is a similarity in his work to Studio, of whom I am a big fan of and who if you like this you should also check out. The comparison especially holds weight on this track, which starts with a vocal sample, and is powered along by a swinging beat and syncopated bass line, with Pionals vocals drifting along on top.

It’s one of those tracks that could easily sit in the pop charts, in fact if it was sung by any mid-range mediocre pop star(let) it probably would. It’s on hearing tracks like this you wonder if the people who program the national airwaves actually ever listen to Music? Silly question I know, but ultimately, when all is said and done it’s just a bloody great song that really deserves some attention.

Playlist Monday 19th March 2012

After a nice relaxing weekend it’s back to the grind, and an early start means I need some energy in my music and started my walk with the housey sounds of the Parisian duo The Mekanism, and man of the moment Mario Basanovas remix of Can’t Believe. Being too tired to think I let shuffle work and it threw up the delightful sounds of John Talabots Destiny, I then followed that up with the best track off the Mekanism EP Missing Love, and then the cracking slap funk of 5eya – Motion, and the deep Russian house of Chocolate Avenue – Get Down finishing up with Benoit & Sergios principles before rewinding to Destiny just as i hit the last stretch of my walk.

Playlist: The Mekanism – Can't Believe (Mario Basanova Remix),  John Talabot – Destiny feat Pional, The Mekanism – Missing Love, 5eya – Motion, Chocolate Avenue – Get Down, Benoit & Sergio – Principles.

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