05 Jun

John Lee & Gerry Brown – Celebration











Had a terrible migraine for a couple of days now, so music listening has been very limited, over the last 24 hours or so. Which means i'm gonna take a freebie of a track i've been hammering for a few weeks now.

John Lee & Gerry Brown – Celebration

I guess this will be a track of acquired taste really, it's Jazz fusion along the lines of Weather Report and Herbie Hancock, but don't let that put you off as it's an absolute stomper if you stick it past the theme from Countdown part (one for the British readers).

The track is basically an extension of a track before, the Daily Planets, riffing on similar themes, bass lines and synths it delivers in two parts one a brass section onslaught and the second half just a superb building synth, drum and bass work out punctuated by a phenomenal bit of guitar work.

I don't know much about either John Lee or Gerry Brown and this is really my only encounter with them – I was introduced to it courtesy of the Boys and Dj Harvey, and it grew on me form there. I know Lee is the bassist and Brown the drummer, but past that there is very little info about them other than their discography and a few discussions on forums, but the track is a cracker and the album is well worth tracking down if you dig this.

anyway, enjoy!

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