20 Nov

Joe Clockwork – Tools EP (Lordcore 03)

It's been a while since we posted last but there is a very good reason for that, I've had some health issues resulting in me having to go into hospital. The result was I've not been allowed to do anything for the last few weeks other than reading, watching TV/Films and listening to some music.


The plus side is that I have indeed listened to a shit ton of music and I've got some crackers lined up for you this week starting with today's cut from an old friend of mine Joe Clockwork with this his first Solo release on Cut & Paste Records (though it's actually the third in a series of EP's the Lordcore Ep's in which Cut & Paste get a different DJ to flash their skills). 


The concept for Joe was to take 4 classic scratch tools/battle weapons and build a track out fo them using nothing but cutting, scratching and looping – which Joe dutifully did popping out four tracks ranging from the outright funky (Million Dollar Loser) to the oddly catchy Scratch Fetichcopter and ultimately though yes they are scratch/tablist tracks they are first and foremost Hip Hop tracks.


Stand out track for me is Million Dollar Loser, mainly because it's the most accessible but all the tracks are excellent with outstanding scratching present on all of them – they aren't all easy listens but there really is something in there for all Hip Hop fans.


I've known Joe for about 16 years via the scratch/turntablist scene. He was always one of the most soulful Turntablists I'd ever had the privilege of dj'ing alongside and I think this shines through.


check it out. 


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