08 Jul

JiNilsson – Nothing (Clairmont Remix)

Been checking a lot of dancey-tinged pop of late (don't judge me), and got sent this remix of Sockholms JiNilssons Nothing by Norwegian producer Clairmont, and it's had the whole family tapping their feet, including my young son asking for it to be repeated in the car (he truly takes after his dad).


It's a really interesting remix, taking the Ballard (almost acoustic) like original that is all Vocal harmonies and simple rhythms and turns it into a nicely mid-tempo dancefloor friendly Tropical house slice of electronic pop. I guess if we're talking reference points then we're looking at Eskimo records, Aeroplane and Perseus etc…


The track flows along nicely, with the bulk of the track built around the vocal, but all heading towards a lovely positive uplifting chorus, making it far more hook driven than the original. The melody is in the vocal just complimented with a counter "melody" (as best I can describe it) with a wonderful bubbling bass line and the up-lifiting chime like melody.


Anyway, it's a great piece of summery music – which is perfect because the weather finally seems to have turned. 


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