15 Oct

Jessy Lanza – Keep Moving

I didn’t have a commute today, but I did yesterday. On that commute to and from London I played through a huge amount of stuff that I have had on a list but haven’t got round to. Most of it really wasn’t up to much until I got to the first album by Jessy Lanza.

It’s been out for a few months on Hyperdub and is a great mix of dance, electronica, R&B and house. There are quite a few out there doing something similar but for me this is that much better, for a few reasons: the breath of genres it covers, the strength of her songs, her vocals, but possibly most importantly, the production. On this album she has collaborated with Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys. When you know that, everything falls into place as the sound and style is so similar to their stuff.

But while I do like Junior Boys stuff, I like this even more, particularly the track I have gone for, Keep Moving. It’s a really lovely piece of soulful, electronic dance and her vocal is tremendous and just sounds better and better as the track progresses. Exceptional stuff.

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