03 Jun

Jeremy Glenn – New Life

Things have been insane around here the last couple of weeks, and as such i've been absent without leave for a a while – things are getting back to normal but I'm going to delve into the vaults today as my ability to deal with new music has been severely hampered during this time, and I’ve mainly been chilling with old tracks that happen to be on my phone.


I've lumped for the uber wonderful Jeremey Glenn classic, New Life, that came out on Future Classics a few years ago (2012?).


There isn't really much to say about this track other than I love the feel and the sound of it – it's early 90's Balearic sound, reminiscent of A Man Called Adam and the beautiful Italo disco sounds of those days. I think it's the piano/synth stabs that do it, but really who cares, it's a great euphoric slice of proto-house tinged dance music.




***NB: if you've recently sent us music etc… please bear with us. Stuffs been happening and we've just been snowed under, we hope things will be back to normal soon, and we're working our way through the (literally) hundreds of tracks we're being sent – in all honesty we listen to everything we're sent, but sometimes it takes time 🙂


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