29 Apr

Jazztronik – Samauri

So I’m driving in the car this morning, nothing tickling my fancy on the radio. I flick to some tracks on a USB stick and this beauty came on. It’s been a stressful few days and this track really lifted me on the way in.

Samauri by Jazztronik.

Hands down, no arguments, this is one of the best dance tracks ever… Truly faultless in my opinion. Jazztronik are a collective from Tokyo but the main man is Dj, producer and pianist Ryota Nozaki. The last point of his CV is they key thing: pianist. There is so much to love about this track, the production, the shuffle beat, the strings, the electronic touches. But it is the amazing jazz piano that just takes it to a different level. It is stunning.

I picked the 12 up on the New York label, Chez and I still remember the smile on my face when I played it through in the record shop. I love that feeling. when you come across something that you know is so good right off the bat.

The piano is one of those that people want to learn how to play and if you go to YouTube there are plenty of clips showing people playing the riff. Also, there is a brilliant short clip of Jazztronik playing the track live. I love the crowds reaction when he launches into the riff. What a track.

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