25 Mar

Jay Dee – Pause (feat. Frank n Dank): Om Unit’s Kickback Rerub

omunitJay Dee, J-Dilla, Dilla Dawg or any of his many nom de plume, I honestly can't recall another producer who commands such notoriety across so many genres of music.

There are famous producers of course, within Hip Hop Premier is the understandable choice, and similarly big named producers in every other style of music exist. But Dilla seems to be the guys who's referenced in every major genre since the turn of the century. Hip Hop, House, Instrumental Hip Hop/Beat Music, Dubstep, Broken Beat… name a genre and i bet your favourite producers will name check him.

So it's pretty ballsy to chuck up a Dilla remix/rerub, and 90% of the ones i've heard tend to FAIL on a massive scale. The original track Pause is taken from Dillas 2001 solo album "Welcome to Detroit", as part of the Beat Generation series on BBE.

Thankfully Om Unit has dropped a lovely remix that you can download for free from his soundcloud (link below), flipping the rough hevay hip hop style of the original into a mellow pads and ambient MC focused track that he just happened to knock up whilst on a plane.

Grab it whilst you can, i got it over the weekend and it tracked my journy to work perfectly this morning.

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