07 Jan

Javelin – Airfield

And it’s a happy new year from me too..

I’m going to start 2014 with one of my favourite tracks from 2013 – Airfield by Javelin. I am a big fan of their work and i was a massive fan of their No Mas album, but somehow, in this crazy internet age, I completely missed the release of their album Hi Beams from March last year. That’s 10 months of quality listening I have lost out on. Disgraceful.

I love the fact their stuff is funny, a bit out there but is embedded in great melodies, songs and grooves. While Hi Beams is a bit more polished and has dropped a lot of the cut and paste samples of No Mas, the qualities mentioned above remain. Airfield is such an infectious track, great electronic pop, with a bit of humour..”I live on the hillside by the 405, I love the convenience there’s a park & ride”.

It’s been used on the Bloom.FM app, advert and so has been searched for endlessly. But if it brings people to their broader work then brilliant. It’s really worth checking out if you can

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