26 Apr

James Curd – Guide Me (Gigamesh Remix)






Yeeeeha..that is what I want to shout when I hear the track I am posting up today. Either that or BOSH. I knew today wasn’t going to be the best, so this morning, I really needed something to give me some bounce. Thank god this beauty came on.

The track is Gigamesh’s remix of ‘Guide Me’ by James Curd (he of Greenskeepers). Now, I am not going to bang on too much here, over complication is the complete opposite of what this track is about. Don’t think too much just turn it up.   Gigamesh is known for this type of remix – here he takes the original (which is very nice indeed) and basically smooth’s it out and then puts it into overdrive. It’s a production style that has found its way into much mainstream pop/dance, but it works best when it still has a little something extra about it. For me, I love the kind of 80’s soul boy vocals (particularly the chorus) that just give it a bit more.  Like the track I posted on Tuesday, this track (and the EP its from) are getting quite a bit of coverage across the net and rightly so. You can pick this remix up for free in a number of places. So I’d advise you to go get it (and pick up the rest of the EP), put it in your back pocket and when you need your arms in the air….pull that puppy out, turn it up and smile.


Playlist Thursday 26th April 2012

As mentioned above, today was never going to be a good one due to a number of things that I won’t bore you with. My commute was a short trip from a hotel in london to the office. As I walked to the station, in went the ear phones and on went shuffle. Bang, first up was the above track, thank f#@k for that. Made me forget the rain and everything else as I headed off. From there the mood stayed up as shuffle went to the Balearic dance pop (yep you heard me) of Delorean and ‘Real Love’ then on to the drum break driven beast that is ‘LC’ by Fist Of The First Man which is from a new electronica showcase released by bleep (more on that another time) which is well worth picking up. After that it all went a bit hip hop as it went to the electronic shuffle of ‘The Intro’ by Elliot Lipp and finished on the super funk of ‘Watch Em’ by Black Milk. I was at work – this one is for the team.

Playlist: James Curd – Guide Me (Gigamesh Remix), Delorean – Real Love, Fist Of The First Man – LC, Elliot Lipp – The Intro, Black Milk – Watch Em

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