12 Jun

Jaiprime – Colours

jaiprimeWe get sent a lot of music here at The Walk to Work, and even though we listen to it all, it's impossible for us to feature everything we get, but occasionally something lands that completely fry’s our brains with how good it is. Monday morning i opened my inbox to find an e-mail from JaiPrime a canadian artist promoting his new EP Colours.

So I opened it, went to his soundcloud and clicked play, and never moved until the track finished, at which point I clicked download and the play button again. The track was Jaiprime – Colours

It's actually a great little EP, quite diverse in feel, very EDM in places sometimes reminding me of Kaskade (in a good way), but also very indie in it's feel and values. All the tracks are interesting, Summer Daze is probably my second favourite track on there, but the vocals tracks whilst a little bit cheesy are also very good. The instrumental stuff it seems is really where his heart is and and while quite challenging in places it's held together really well with some fantastic production and ideas that showcase his musical ability really well. 

As you’ll know if there are two things i love in my music it's melody and melancholy, and Colours has both in spade. From the Bruce Hornsby style opening piano to the lovely fm chimes and then around the 3 minutes mark the drums hit, and I lose it every single time.

In some ways it feels very 80's filmesque in ways, not in a Drive soundtrack way but it certainly reminds me of the music from films i grew up watching.

Anyway, enough of my wittering, if you follow the link to Jaiprimes soundcloud you can grab the EP for free. Phenomenal stuff.

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