30 Aug

Jai Paul – Jasmine (demo)

Today it was just me and the boy heading in as my poor wife was not well at all. So, I planned to play through some tracks as we drove through the rain, however my son had other ideas. One track in (the track I have put up today) I had to stop to put his new Wellington boots back on (I am not kidding – the boy loves shoes) and from there on in it was singing and chatting.

Today’s track, ‘Jasmine’ by Jai Paul, is the one I was threatening to put up last week, but finally, here it is. I got it quite a few months ago and then….well, to be honest I kind of mislaid it. I bumped into it again the other day and kicked myself for not having put it up earlier.

Jai Paul has been causing a stir for a bit, even though (I think) he has only released a couple of tracks officially. In 2010 he was shortlisted for the BBC Sound of 2011 (and appears to have survived) and has also had plenty of support from radio and online. His style is a blend that is quite common at the moment, messed up R&B/Soul meets hip hop electronica.  The track is really beautiful it’s got a lo-fi feel that gives its sound some extra warmth and it just rolls along so, so nicely, chopped up and never quite settling but with enough drive and funk to keep you interested.. I’m really looking forward to more of his stuff.

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