19 Oct

J-Zone – I’m Sick Of Rap

We've featured J-Zone before, and god damn it, I'mma feature him again.


I recently read his book "Root for the Villain" and it was a fantastic insight into the man that makes the music, it covers some tough times but never really gets depressing to read. The thing is I was never really aware of J-zone till recently, i mean i knew about him but i never really KNEW about him and since listening to him on te Cipher show podcast and reading the book i've totally changed my opinion. Yeah, the hip hops a bit dirty, gangsta – but the fact it's all tongue in cheek totally changes it for me.


It also helps that Zone has a great MC delivery, just flowing and clear and this is demonstrated perfectly on I'm Sick of Rap a witty ode to why Hip Hop sucks in 2015.


The beat is awesome, and reminds me of classic material by 3rd Bass, YBT and a few others. Dissing everything, and everyone in it's pah – backpackers, producers, classic hip hop, you name it it gets some, all the time Zone is backed up by superb little interjections from chief chincilla that wil have you smirking even though you shouldn't.


The EP came out back in September, but i’ve been sat on it for a bit. It comes with 5 tracks, Funk track Seoul Power being the opening track but followed up by I'm Sick of Rap and then the excellent "Rap Is A Circus…And We Hope the Elephants Trample Everybody", EP is closed out by two instrumentals but it's certainly the vocals that will have you going back time and time again.



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