05 Jun J-Zone

J-Zone – I Smell Smoke

Woke up early today due to the blistering heatwave that seems to have enveloped most of northern France (and Europe I think), and after sluggishly getting myself together I loaded up my Nexus with some new (ish) music and got on my way. 

Earlier in the week I'd listened to the excellent the Cipher Show podcasts for Janette Beckman and the one we're interested in today J-Zone. I've never paid that much attention to J-Zone, my friend Joe has always sung his praises but I never really got that the whole Pimp stuff was a massive joke, and i took it on face value along with all the other gangsta rap out there. Anyway the Podcast go me revisiting his work and i landed on todays choice:

J-Zone – I Smell Smoke

J-Zone's lead a pretty interesting life in regards to music, a beat makers beat maker he's always had an incredible knack for producing off kilter beats that you would probably not accredit to him on first listen. Since he retired& in 2009 he went back to school and has learnt to play the drums (he was already an accomplished bassist) and as a result he produced and album of live breaks called Lunch Breaks – that are frankly amazing.

He's also started produsing instrumental hip hop and funk 7's and todays track I smell Smoke is one of them.

It's pretty straight ahead, a pounding funky drum break with a catchy bass and melody hook, and vocal hook all broken up with a fantastic church organ bridge all pushed along by the "Marijuana" sample. 

It's a lovely piece of music and available on his band camp page, grab it:

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