23 Oct

J-Walk – Soul Vibration

One of the things I liked most about DJ'ing was hearing what other DJ's played. If you were playing back to back that was even better, a deck each and vibing off each other, sure there is always a little bit of competitiveness in there but it was always interesting to see what the other DJ pulled from the bag.


Occasionally one of you would pull a new track that would make the other (and crowd) flip out, and Soul Vibration was one of them. I remember it clearly, I was at the Embassy on Essex Road playing a Sunday night we used to run called "they do play records, don't they?" and my partner in crime John dropped it, middle of our set. I won't say the place erupted but it was a certainly a Holy Shit moment for a lot of the people in there.


It's a relatively simple track in all, built around a massive sample of Freda Payne's "How do you say I don't love you anymore?" with a heavy reverb-heavy drum break running under it, and that's pretty much it.


It came out back in 2000 when Trip Hop was moving into being straight up instrumental Hip Hop and UK Hip Hop was ruling the roost with artists like Rae & Christian and labels like Evil Genius, Wise Guys and pleasure music.


I never did track it down on vinyl (a lovely little 7 inch), despite spending many years looking for it but I did manage to get a cheeky rip and it's never been off my mp3player/phone since.


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