03 Mar

J.Normal – Fire

I'm going to be straight with you, I didn't listen to todays track on my commute. I listened to the last Beirut album No No No (which is tremendous). But since this track was shared with us I have been waiting to stick it up as it is brilliant.


I don't know much about j.normal other than the info on her pages and the other tracks she has available on Bandcamp (which are also excellent and worth checking out – there is also a more recent track than the one I am posting today. But I am really into Fire). Its like a lo-fi version of the 80s band Heart, and I mean that in a good way (come on, who didn't love a bit of Alone). It's amazingly catchy and I love the way the noise around it just adds to the emotion and also instant, artificial nostalgia I feel when I hear it. It could be from my youth but I know it's not.


This isn't an easy type of track to pull off but j.normal does it effortlessly. An absolutely brilliant track.

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