09 Oct

J-Felix – Keep On (We Ain’t Here For Long)

There are a couple of things to do today. the first is to wish Fourbearsjr the bestest of birthdays, you only turn 50 once bro, enjoy it.


And the second is to drop a meaty slice of nu-disco funk on you. In all honesty it's been a really difficult week, hence the lack of posting and it's all culminated in me having to take a day off sick to close the week out. In among lounging and sleeping I've been spending some time listening to some new(ish) music (on a low volume) in a dark room, and a track that got an insane amount of rewinds is today's choice.


As most people know i'm a big 80's fan so the minute the slightly syncopated rhythm and those big fat filtered FM stabs drifted through I new I was hooked. Funnily I was thinking about things and I don't think we feature songs on here as much as we should, certainly I opt for instrumentals quite often, yeah the occasional vocal track creeps through but even then it's usually about the music behind it. So it's really nice to feature a genuine vocal based track, with Brighton based J-Felix's sultry smokey vocal drifting up with it's messages to enjoy yourself whilst you can.


Ultimately Keep On is a great slice of Zappesque Troutman, Jam and lewis inspired modern funk, backed with a coupe of other super tracks. It's out on the great Tru Thoughts label, who we are massive fans of anyway.





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